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Top 4 World Music Bands That Became Popular in College

Music has been proven to ease student stress. Maybe, this one of the main reasons why young people start forming their own band in college. This hobby is an effective stress reducer as it decreases blood pressure and lowers anxiety levels, according to healthcare experts. It has a really powerful effect on the human body and soul. In general, music is a great tool for processing emotions, so people often turn to it when being overwhelmed.

What’s more, it helps students concentrate on learning and perform better since they become more focused and relaxed. Researchers from Stanford University found out that music engages the brain areas that are involved with paying attention and memorizing. It also helps to improve performance on cognitive tasks. The musical activity can serve as a cognitive exercise because it trains the brain for more challenges in the future.

Undoubtedly, there are many reasons for playing music while being a student, but the most powerful thing that makes young people take on this hobby is probably their passion for it. Typically, those who greatly enjoy this activity achieve extraordinary success in it. Below, you can read about some world-renowned bands that were organized in college. But before that, let’s figure out how to find time for playing music while pursuing a degree.

Time for music

Students often feel overwhelmed with the amount of homework they have to do. They might be assigned to write a complicated lab report or a controversial essay for the next day. Tight deadlines make young people work hard and leave no time for hobbies, such as playing music. However, there is an easy solution to this problem. You can type ‘write my lab report’ or ‘explain me the basic components of a lab report’ in a search engine, and you will see a lot of websites that offer assistance with college assignments. Pick the one you find reliable, place an order there, and professional academic writers will complete your tasks.

Outstanding bands that started in college

Apart from numerous assignments, the college also provides a lot of great opportunities for unleashing your talents and abilities. In some cases, the right combination of people around, ambitions and skills can result in worldwide fame. Read how this happens below.


The members of this band met at Abingdon School in Oxfordshire. In 1985, Thom Yorke, Colin Greenwood, Ed O’Brien, Philip Selway, and Jonny Greenwood formed On a Friday, which name referred to their rehearsal day at school. Colid told that everyone picked their musical instruments as they wanted to play together, not because of any particular interest. The guys appreciated being introduced to jazz, postwar avant-garde music, and 20th-century classical music in class. Even after regrouping, the band continued to perform in Oxford. After some time, record labels and producers became interested in it.

Pink Floyd

Nick Mason, Roger Waters and Richard Wright met while studying architecture at the London Polytechnic. Mason played drums, Waters was good at playing lead guitar, and Wright played rhythm guitar. At the very beginning, guys had rehearsals in a tearoom in the basement of the Regent Street Polytechnic. They performed songs written by a fellow student called Ken Chapman. For the first time, the band referred to themselves as the Pink Floyd only in 1965.


Guy Berryman, Buckland, Will Champion, and Martin met while living in the same dorm at the University College of London. They became friends almost immediately and decided to form a group, which originally called Starfish. Their current name was taken from a book of poetry ‘Child’s Reflections’. Now they are considered one of the unique voices in rock music.

The Beatles

In March 1957, John Lennon formed a group with his friends from Quarry Bank High School in Liverpool. At first, they called themselves the Blackjacks, but after some time they changed their name to Quarrymen. In a few years, Paul McCartney and George Harrison also joined the band and it underwent some transformations as Lennon’s Quarry Bank friends left. Since then, the group has been known as the Beatles.

Final thoughts

As you see from the examples given above, becoming successful in college is absolutely real. If you optimize your learning processes, using professional academic help and study apps, you will be more likely to devote enough time to your musical development. And maybe one day, your band will gain huge popularity all over the world, who knows?

Author’s BIO

Brandon Kryeger is an academic writer and amateur musician. His job is to help college students complete their writing assignments and create excellent educational projects. In his free time, Brandon plays music with his friends and organizes small local concerts.

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