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As an unofficial Blink-182 finishes its headlining show at drummer Travis Barker’s self-promoted Muskin Festival, former (or present, it’s anybody’s guess) guitarist Tom DeLonge is strongly promoting his new solo album, To The Stars Demos, Odds And Ends.

The album’s second track, The Invisible Parade, has just been released, having an immediate impact trending at 14 on the US iTunes Top 100 Rock Songs. The heartfelt acoustic track, much like his recent acoustic efforts – especially Anomaly off his 2014 Angels and Airwaves album, The Dreamwalker – seems to suggest an emotive new level for DeLonge.

Shortly after its release DeLonge stated via Facebook, “I wrote this song for my brother who’s in the Special Forces and I’m grateful you guys are digging it.” The song displays the 39 year-old’s increased maturity which first emerged after the creation of his band Angels and Airwaves way back in 2005.  It’s a maturity that perhaps may no longer be suited and expressed in the fast-paced Blink 182.

However a recent tweet on DeLong’s Twitter in regards to the album’s content may act as a strong rebuttal to any signs of maturity affecting his flamboyant Blink-182 past (which most avid fans would love to hear) explaining, “I have the fastest punk song I’ve written in 15 years on my new album, I hope  it makes you destroy stuff.”

A third track from the eight-track album will be released on Monday, April 6, with the full album to be released on Tuesday, April 21.




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