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TOBY Bringing it all Back Home


Fans get their chance this Saturday to catch local favourite Toby before she embarks on a massive tour across Europe next month. Toby is known for her passionate approach to Blues and Roots music, immersing a broad range of influences into the sounds that compliment her vivid story telling.  Fellow Perth acts Riley Pearce and Blue Child Collective will be warming up the stage for her in what promises to be a fun and entertaining night at Perth City Farm this Saturday 4 March 2017. X-Press writer BRAYDEN EDWARDS spoke to Toby about the Backyard Events show, her frenetic touring schedule and some of the most ‘unusual’ places she has put on a live show.

You spend so much of your time touring and performing all over the world. Are you looking forward to doing a show in front of your home crowd or do you find you are itching to get back on the road?

I leave in a couple weeks for a mass three month tour of Europe and I am SO ready to be on the road again. I’ve had six months here in Perth, which I love, but I love my European crowds too. I’m stoked that I have a few shows left here in Perth in front of our home crowd – to see familiar faces always feels awesome.

Do you find touring and seeing so many sights and meeting so many people inspires your song writing? Since you have so many stories to tell?

Travel and being on the road definitely influences your song writing. More than this, is the connections with strangers, or band mates, or people who take you in while on tour. For me life is about people, connection, travel and music – so to mix this all together makes me feel pretty lucky!

The show coming up this Saturday is at Perth City Farm which is a pretty special venue a lot of fans might not be familiar with. What is the venue like and how will this show be different from one at a regular venue?

I’ve never played at this venue – I’ve only visited it and yes, it’s beautiful and really different. I’m looking forward to a night of mates hanging out and having a fantastic time together. These shows really do stand out for us and we are looking forward to working with Backyard Events again.

What’s the most unusual venue you have ever performed at?

Europe delivers the goods! Castles, underground cellars, massive 500 year old churches, synagogues…the list goes on. Last year we played at one of the highest security male prisons in Belgium – this was really an amazing venue, but the most unusual and confronting gig for me. There were so many emotions to deal with during this show. To be really honest, I’m not sure I would jump at the chance again – but I am always up for trying something once!

What other sights and attractions will there be for fans to enjoy on Saturday?

They will be getting a new band. We have a new drummer Andrew Pearson and a new guitarist Jarrad Van Dort and we will be playing bunch of brand new songs from our upcoming EP Fall Into Me. There will also be food trucks, cheese boards and of course the Backyard Bar will ensure good times for all.

What are your plans for 2017? Are you writing some new material or going on any more exciting adventures across the globe?

My wife and I are taking our 2 year old son and our 4 month old daughter over to Europe for three full months. 30-40 shows around Holland, Denmark, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy and Germany – with some holiday time thrown in too. We will be launching my new EP over there before coming home and launching it here in June. Then we’ll have shows around Broome, Margaret River and the North-West, before heading back to Germany for a couple of summer festivals. It’s going to be another huge year – and even bigger now with two kids!

For more information and to buy tickets to Toby at Perth City Farm Saturday 4 March 2017 go to

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