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To Kill A King


Cannibals With Cutlery

Xtra Mile Records

A deluxe edition, re-release of their February album; To Kill A King provide a sound that epitomises the idea of avoiding judging a book by its cover. They’re not metal. They’re not even punk. Cannibals With Cutlery is a mix of numerous indie-rock sounds, ranging from the piano-driven opener, I Work Nights You Work Days, to the groovy, electric guitar that opens Funeral.

The band screams Mumford & Sons, but manage to delve deeper into uniqueness, with strings, horns and basically any instrument they could find. To Kill A King are extremely easy to listen to, and while some tracks feel a little uneventful and boring; the British band are sure to please followers of their genre.

Cold Skin is the highlight of the album, featuring mellow and atmospheric echoes, predominant bass riffs and Ralph Pelleymounter’s rich, yet casual voice.

To Kill A King are doing their best to figuratively kill the kings of indie-rock and stamp their name on top of the tower; and while some of the tracks show the talent and promise of the British band, the 70-minute LP lacks strength throughout and seems convoluted with ideas.



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