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TKAY MAIDZA Switching The Mix

Tkay Maidza
Tkay Maidza

From touring with Nina Las Vegas to being featured on iTunes’ Single Of The Week, Tkay Maidza is on a momentous roll heading into Southbound at Sir Stewart Bovell Park on Saturday-Sunday, January 3-4, 2015. Maidza speaks with AARON BRYANS ahead of her support slot with ILLY at the Astor Theatre on Friday, November 28.

Stomp Your Feet! exclaimed Tkay Maidza’s 2013 anthem, Brontosaurus, as she shot up the Australian rap scene, fresh out of Adelaide and ready to showcase her incredible talent.

“It feels like it’s been slowly happening,” Maidza explains. “Obviously I can play bigger shows and stuff now but it’s been really busy. Being able to work with all the other people I want to work with now as well has been kind of chilled out.”

Having never been a part of the Adelaide scene earlier on, Maidza was faced with the challenge of pushing her own tracks on a national level on her own. Sure enough the young rapper had no issue using Soundcloud to push her music into the rooms of Aussie rooms.

“I was never really a part of the Adelaide scene,” Maidza reveals. “I didn’t know anyone generally. I feel like I came out of nowhere because I wasn’t really affiliated with anyone, or knew anyone. There’s a big underground scene that do rap battles and stuff.”

Almost a year later, Maidza currently has her Switchtape Mixtape EP up for grabs which features a collection of Tkay tracks that are now available for fans to purchase.

“It’s been me working basically the whole year. The EP is songs that already exist but have been made accessible for people who want to buy them.”

To coincide with the release, Maidza was featured on the iTunes store main page as part of their Single Of The Week for her release, U-Huh, broadening her exposure and audience.

“It’s been really good,” Maidza states. “iTunes are really nice to do that. It’s awesome, I think, because obviously you’re in the spotlight; so more people are going to see you and hear your music so it’s good.”

Alongside her current tour, Maidza has also performed alongside Aussie favourite Nina Las Vegas, increasing her live experience directly and effectively.

“That was really fun. Nina’s really awesome and really nice. It’s really cool to have her as friend cause she can get you to meet really cool people and she’s a really good friend to have and its always really fun.”

Despite being months away, Southbound is on many a music lover’s mind. With Maidza on the bill, anything can happen at one of WA’s biggest music festivals.

“It’s like three months away but I’m heaps excited about it,” she says. “I’m really excited to see George Ezra and Glass Animals. They’re the people I really want to watch.”

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