TITANFALL Titanic days


Formats: Xbox One (reviewed), Xbox 360, PC

Price: $89.00

Publisher: Electronic Arts

Developer: Respawn Entertainment

Okay,  so this review is about Titanfall – the most hyped game to date on the Xbox One. It won 60 awards at E3- including Best In Show, Best Original Game, Best Console Game, Best PC Game, Best Action Game, and Best Online Multiplayer. It’s responsible for selling oodles of the new Xbox One console.  But once you get past the marketing hype, the question remains –  is it actually any good?

It’s a simple question, but before we get into the nitty gritty of what we like and don’t like, here’s the background…

Titanfall is set in the war torn future (is there any other kind?) on the far flung frontier of space.  Two factions – the IMC and the Militia are going head to head in giant robots called Titans to see who will control this new Wild West.  As far as story goes that’s about really all you need to know – two teams, giant robots, lots of weapons.  And this is the first point to make:  if you like a story with good character development and storylines, Titanfall is not for you.  Yes, there is a campaign mode, but this is basically the same as the normal multiplayer modes but with a few voice overs to introduce each map.  I’ve sunk over 30 hours into this game and still don’t really know (or care) what’s going on.

This game is about combat pure and simple, and for the most part, Titanfall gets it right. It pits the all out power of the Titans against the nimble, jetpack-assisted speed of the pilots.  When you’re riding in the three-storey-tall Titans, you can unleash a huge arsenal of devastation at your opponents.  A pilot that finds themselves in the open against a Titan is not long for this world.  But on the other side of the coin, pilots can run along and hang from walls, plus use their jet packs to get to the roofs, where they definitely have the advantage.  A Titan can quickly be taken down by a couple of well hidden pilots and their anti-Titan weapons.  This contrast in play styles is the greatest part of this game is and Respawn Entertainment has got this balance right.

However, while the gameplay is great, it’s not a game without a few problems.  With just 15 levels, 5 different game modes and three different Titans available, you’ll have explored everything it has to offer pretty quickly.  This is a game that is going to continually challenge your wallet with paid expansion packs (first one is due in May).  As previously mentioned, the campaign mode is essentially the same as the multiplayer modes with a couple of non-essential story elements thrown in for colour.  Matchmaking can be a bit of a troublesome affair, with it being difficult to find a game on some of the less popular modes and balancing being an ongoing issue (that Respawn Entertainment are addressing through patches).

But on the whole, the good definitely outweigh the bad.  While there may not be a whole lot of variety in the game itself, Titanfall delivers on the promise shown on the box.  It’s a fast paced game about blowing each other to bits with giant robots.  If you prefer games with deep plots and character development, this may not be your style of plasma rifle.  But if you’re a fan of action packed first person shooters, and own an Xbox One (which is definitely starved for games at the moment) – do yourself a favour and pick this one up.  Now excuse me, my giant robot is waiting.