Tips on How to Build Your Acting Career in School

As a student, you are advised to learn your passions and use them to build your future career. Based on this argument, if you love and perform well in science subjects, the notion is that you should pursue a career in this field. Therefore, your focus should be on professions such as medicine, engineering, or research. Additionally, if you excel in humanities and languages, there is a wide variety of careers you can pursue.

Acting is one of these careers you can pursue. However, in acting, there is so much work to be done for you to achieve great heights. You have to have the right talent and passion for being an actor. Acting is like a career in professional sports. You have to be talented enough to be a good fit. However, talent is not enough to give you the final glory. The following guide provides an overview of tips that can help you achieve your dream in professional acting.

Read and Research Widely on the Industry

The mistake most prospective actors make is assuming talent will sail them through this profession. Before they know this is not the case, they will have endured a lot of disappointments in the process. Even in professional sports, there is much to learn before making any uninformed decisions.

Researching on a given career field helps you understand what professional acting entails. You will be able to understand the strengths of professional acting and the weaknesses associated with the career. Also, research on the professional requirements of pursuing a career in this field. In your research, try understanding the following aspects about a career in acting:

  • How do actors market themselves?
  • How do you make it professionally?
  • Who helps actors manage their talent?
  • What are the valuable techniques to develop as an actor?

Once you have gathered all the necessary information, start developing your acting plan. It should include ideas on how you plan intend to pursue a career in acting successfully. Also, include projections on how you hope to progress in developing your career.

Pursue a Course in Acting, Theatre or Drama

Most of the professional careers require formal training. Acting is no exception; you will need to develop your talent through pursuing a course in this area. Formal training in acting helps you acquire the relevant skills required in this field. These skills will prove useful in building your resume. Therefore, ensure that you score better grades in this course. Use “write my paper” services for assistance on course-related assignments.

Moreover, formal training provides students with fundamental knowledge of the acting theory. The theory includes the techniques adopted by successful actors. You will engage in an analysis of the theoretical concepts by watching sample films where actors have employed the methods. The training will also help you gain much-needed exposure on the field, including how to handle yourself during auditions.

Take Acting Classes

In courses such as accounting, students are encouraged to pursue professional courses to complement the training acquired in colleges. There is a reason there is so much advocacy for these courses. The argument is that courses offered in colleges have too much focus on the theoretical aspect, which broadens their scope. On the other hand, professional courses are more focused on the skills, which is why they are more specialized in a given area.

The technical professional courses place a massive emphasis on the practical aspect of the profession. Therefore, there will be more of practical acting lessons compared to the theoretical acting. You can enroll in these classes in community colleges around you. Most of them will offer you specialized training in all aspects of professional acting.

Build Relationships with People Sharing Similar Interests

A career in acting will require you to develop numerous networks. Acting is more of a social profession, which means that socialization is part of the success process. Building networks with people in the industry will help you advance your career at a faster pace.

Such connections will prove useful when you are searching for acting gigs once you have completed your training. Further, people who have been in the industry for long will provide you with valuable advice on how to approach different situations in your career. They will also make good referees in your resume.

Build Experience with Small Acting Gigs

One way to harness your acting skills is by taking up gigs as they come along. Start as small as being part of all the school plays. It may be the spotlight you need to shine.

Also, take a stroll in your community theatre and audition for small acting gigs that are available. At this stage, your focus should not be on getting paid. Instead, it would be best if you focused on honing your skills and gaining acting experience. Remember, there are those agents that attend community theatres scouting for talents. It is also part of the larger project of putting yourself out there.


Acting is a career that promises to be rewarding. However, the path to achieving this reward can be quite challenging. Therefore, to help make things easier for you, we have provided you with tips on how to achieve your acting dream.