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Tiny Ruins


Hollie Fullbrook had the background of a touring musician before she even considered making tunes of her own. She was born in Bristol but raised in New Zealand and played some of her first shows under the name Tiny Ruins in Sydney. Latest EP, Haunts, acts as a stopgap before the anticipated second album to hopefully see the light of day by the end of 2013.

Haunts is a collection of older songs and B-sides, recorded live to eight-track tape in Waipu last December. With most of these tunes having been written before the Tiny Ruins’ debut, it is a rare opportunity to experience Fullbrook’s writing from her fledgling era.

The blues are more of an influence on Haunts with the Peg Leg Howell cover Rolling Mill Blues setting the scene for much of this EP. Fullbrook’s voice is well suited to the genre with her warm slur adding authenticity to the words.

Cold Comfort is the type of country tinged number that you would expect from someone who has lived the troubadour life. In recorded form this is just as inviting as when it has been aired in her live shows over the years.

Tiny Ruins have the knack of telling stories with intricate detail that draw you in despite yourself. There is something timeless about Fullbrook and the way she constructs her songs. The affecting Haunts couldn’t be more appropriately titled.


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