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Tiny Club First Birthday feat. Roland Tings and Dimitri Veimar

Roland Tings, Dimitri Veimar
Friday, August 22, 2014

Dimitri Veimar. Photo: Alfred Gorman.


Tiny Club started small a year ago, built on the idea that a small room crammed full of people dancing is fun. From the dark, smoked-out, laser-filled toilets and back corners of various clubs around Perth, Tiny Club has grown into its own club night, touring underground local and international techno and house artists, still keeping that old school rave party vibe first and foremost.

The laidback open-plan layout of Flyrite was a good fit for the casual vibe of the evening’s festivities. It was a busy night in our sleepy little town with a multitude of big shows on, which may have bitten into the crowd tonight – it was quiet early on, with much of the small crowd lounging about on couches in the courtyard. Inside, a Tiny All Star local lineup featuring Beecroft Sux, Bad Chad, Reece Walker and Lard Lad mixed it up with a mega back-to-back session of tough, techy grooves.
Numbers swelled around midnight as Melbourne’s Roland Tings stepped up for a live set behind his arsenal of equipment. A producer of international calibre, Tings recently released an EP on Internasjonal, the Norwegian label helmed by Prins Thomas. Playing a really interesting live set of midtempo, tweakin’ acid house while keeping it funky, Tings enticed bodies onto the dancefloor when the hazy room suddenly came alive. The atmosphere really lifted a notch when he dropped his slinky, synth-soaked remix of Chet Faker’s 1998 halfway through his set. Tings tunes are real easy to get your groove on to; solid live workouts, thumping beats and winding melodies, blended and drawn out to massive effect.
Meanwhile, at the end of a thin corridor, a door led to a tiny back toilet that had been converted for the night into Nano Club – paying respect to night’s origins, this club within a club was the most raved up toilet you’ve ever seen. It was a smoke filled den, sparkling with colourful lasers, full of curious people. Lightsteed, Dan D Lyons and DJ Toy Crvsher were crammed in the corner providing the party beats all night. All sorts of tunes were cranking out of that tiny room all night, from house and disco to electro and rock.
By the time Dimitri Veimar stepped up just after 1am there was a definite vibe in the room as more people got on the floor. Lauded by the likes of Daniel Avery, Veimar has been gaining attention with his unique brand of classic acid house with a modern techno twist. While he would be used to playing much larger crowds, the German producer (who’s been based in Moscow and Bali) didn’t fail to pump out a solid hour of smooth, dark, techy beats. Sporting a DFA shirt, Veimar put his head down and proved why he’s one to watch, belting out a blinding set of liquid grooves. With only an hour to work with Dimitri played it upfront and pumping for the modest but enthusiastic crowd who were really getting into it. The smoke was blinding and the bass so heavy you could feel it in your guts. All too soon it approached 2am and he wound it down a bit with the marching beat of Case Closed by Matrixxman. With a rather abrupt, midtrack finish, it was over. Far too early for most who were just getting into it – luckily for those wanting to kick on, a discount entry had been organised for Le Club over at Connections.
After a year of partying hard, it will be interesting to see what’s next for Tiny Club. From little things, big things grow.


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