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Tina Says


Forming an important part of the Pilerats DJ conglomerate, the fun, humble, Perth-based DJ Tina Says is on top of her game right now. Particularly looking forward to tearing it up at the upcoming Circo Festival, Saturday, June 28, the youngster tells RK about the ebb and flow of moving up in the scene – and just how far she sees her career going.

I had a really good friend who was in music,” explains an upbeat Tina. “I was mucking around with all this DJ equipment and spent a lot of my time and money going to festivals and gigs – and really, it all just happened with fun in mind. It was at Splendour In The Grass that a friend gave me a proper nudge and pushed me to practice, so with that, I got stuck in.”

After borrowing some equipment and unsurprisingly realising it was something she was really into, Tina jumped into the deep-end and started buying her own equipment. From there, things spiraled uncontrollably into a determination to DJ, produce and make a life in music.

“I really got into Ableton at that point,” she describes. “And then I wanted to work on my own stuff. I started playing club nights and getting around that side of it, while working on my own material as well.” Musically though, she won’t be drawn on a direction or style or genre – rather she has an appreciation for all good music.

“I often ask myself what style I am, or what I’m into, but it’s what I’m feeling at the time, any genre that I like or feel, that’s what I go for. Right now I like that tech-house sort of sound. I’m really enjoying writing it and I’m finding it easy to write – and that’s probably because I’m into it. I don’t think I will ever be defined by it however and that’s possibly because I’m yet to put anything out!”

Indeed, Tina is wary of her release schedule, saying she needs to be ready. “Sometimes I think I’m ready to release something in a month and then I think that I need to wait – realistically I want to get to a stage where I’m comfortable and really confident – for now I’m really enjoying experimenting and being a part of a bustling music scene.”

They say a week is a long time in politics – and justly, two years is probably an even longer time in music – about as long as Tina has been spinning her wares. Yet she feels she has a long way to go. “I really want to get to a point where I have a deep, full understanding,” she chimes. “I want to do my own mix-downs for example; I want to put something out that a label can pick up. I want to get to a point where I know people will like my music. I want to get the vibe right, you know?”

All that said, the girl is on her way to play a local stage at the Circo Festival this year and is rather chuffed at the opportunity. “I’m playing with Ben Grant back to back, so you can expect some fun house music with plenty of bass; stuff you can really vibe to and have some fun with.”

Tina Says plays Circo Festival, Saturday, June 28.

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