Timothy Nelson And The Infidels


Terror Terror, Hide It Hide It



Timothy Nelson first made his mark as a tongue-in-cheek solo performer with a folk bent. Over the years his sound with his band, The Infidels, has evolved as much as his finer afro. Their album launch for Terror Terror, Hide It Hide It was bursting at the seams which was a sign that these tunes were already well loved before making their way onto record.

Nelson’s sophomore album is a grand work that draws on the grandiose AM radio pop and the class of Stax records. Soldier has sweeping strings and white boy soul out the ying yang as Nelson shows off his falsetto. Nelson knows when to shake it and also when to rein in his enthusiasm. Do You Need It? is one of these more refined moments that is more ache than desperate plea.

A man who knows a considerable amount about getting songs played on the radio, Joel Quartermain, has laid hands on these tracks having sat in the producer’s chair for the duration of the sessions. It has certainly been a labour of love for Timothy Nelson & The Infidels as they have thrown everything including the kitchen sink at these well-layered tunes.

Terror Terror, Hide It Hide It is an ambitious effort from one of Perth’s quiet achievers.  This time around Timothy Nelson & The Infidels have the tunes to match their aspirations.