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TIGERTOWN Warriors gets 7/10



There is a knowable shift in sound when an artist is pining for a bigger, more international market. The latest single Warriors from Tigertown is no exception. Containing a light, fleeting electronic production under the layered vocals give rise to the characteristic chorus found in a lot of Tigertown tracks, the group have certainly arisen into a strong indie-pop outfit.

Opening with a lo-fi rhythm and melody packed within a catchy pop beat – it’s a track that is built for a wider audience. But not so much to the point that Tigertown have compromised on their sound, they remain a group that is succinct and notably distinct and Warriors is a testament to that.

Older fans might feel a little alienated, but newer fans will be delighted by the group’s release. Fingers cross the group’s original sound won’t get lost inside the labyrinth of stardom.


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