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Los Angeles bass virtuoso Thundercat has asserted himself as one of the most forward-thinking musicians out with his new album Apocalypse. The album – co-produced by Flying Lotus like his 2011 debut The Golden Age of Apocalypse – finds Thundercat in a reflective mood.

He’s vulnerable on catchy lead single Heartbreaks + Setbacks, meditates the passing of his regular collaborator, pianist Austin Peralta, on album closer A Message For Austin, and even pays tribute to his cat on the tender Tron Song. But Apocalypse also has one of the most one of the most giddily fun songs heard so far this year, Oh Sheit It’s X – a Parliament-inspired ode to partying fucked up.

Although Thundercat can’t be summed up as belonging to any one genre, the most fitting label for Apocalypse would be soul, as he exhibits his evolution as a songwriter. He also never lets his prodigal bass guitar skills get in the way of making entertaining music, even when employing unusual time signatures on tracks like Tenfold and Seven.


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