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This Wild Life



Epitaph Records


One very lucky day a few months ago I stumbled across a pop punk duo from Long Beach, California covering Bring Me The Horizon’s Sleepwalking acoustically on YouTube; and boy was it incredible. Formed from the failure of previous band The Messenger, Kevin Jordan and Anthony Del Grosso have taken a hugely different approach to musical expression applying hauntingly beautiful vocals with soothing and outstandingly arranged instrumentals in the debut album Clouded as part of the acoustic duo, This Wild Life.

The album is musically phenomenal. With openhearted and intimate lyrics, magically perfect melodies and the well-selected placements of violins, pianos, drums and guitar; the album takes acoustic barriers and completely shatters them generating a full sound that lacks corny clichés.

Opening track, Concrete sets the stage high with a strong instrumental build and soft harmonies whist No More Bad Days, takes top spot with its fluid vocal melodies and tender violin touches. This Wild Life has found their groove and it’s delivered flawlessly.



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