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Things you should do before bed to sleep better


According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) of the USA, around 35% of adults in the USA are not getting an adequate amount of quality sleep daily. Inadequate good quality sleep is the reason for your bad health. Lack of sleep makes you cranky during the day, and as a result you fail to be productive because of your serotonin levels going for a toss. If you are suffering from restless sleep even after having a good sleep environment, the reason may be the things you do before retiring to bed.

Here are some of the tips for doing the things before going to bed that should help you to sleep better.

  1. Have Sex Just Before Bed

If you are having a rough day, peaking to your loved one is going to calm your nerves. Soothing voice of your trusted friend or family member is the one you pine for when you are struggling. In the same way, having sex just before going to sleep can be of great help to get good quality sleep.

Research has shown that having sex boosts the release of dopamine and oxytocin which helps in reducing stress and anxiety and increases production of serotonin, the sleep-inducing hormone. In the case of women, reaching orgasm helps in boosting the release of oestrogen that helps in getting good quality sleep.

To have good sex, you need to have a good mattress for sex.

  1. Read

Crack open a book before dozing-off.  Reading a book before going to bed relaxes your muscles and makes you feel calmer. Reading also alleviates the stress levels and helps in mitigating mild mental health.  Some studies have shown that there is around 68% reduction in stress hormone – cortisol levels if you read for six minutes.  While reading, brain works hard and the eye muscles become fatigued. As a result, eyes demand rest and start slowly closing and sleep taking over. You should make reading a book from your favourite author, or a magazine a part of your bedtime routine to help you sleep faster and have a good quality sleep.

Also, sometimes gaining new information or reading about somebody else’s life can take your mind off of your distractions that maybe the reason for your bad sleep.

  1. Meditate and do Light Exercises

If bad thoughts are keeping you awake and you are struggling to get adequate sleep due to stress and anxiety, start meditating before you go to sleep. Meditation is known to be a great way of clearing your mind and reducing stress and anxiety. Some meditation techniques involve deep breathing exercises, or techniques to let go of your bad thoughts.

To begin, you can take the help of guided meditation till you ease into a routine.

Doing light exercises before sleep may also help you in reducing stress and anxiety and you can sleep better. Any light stretching, exercises should be of help, but ensure you don’t get into the habit of doing heavy exercising before sleep which is going to harm your sleep cycle.

  1. Take a warm shower or bath

If you are suffering from a stiff body after the day’s work, you can relax your body by taking a warm shower before going to sleep. According to some studies, a hot bath should be taken about 90 minutes before going to bed to help you fall asleep quickly. Warm shower allows your body temperature to dip and having a comfortable temperature in your bedroom is going to make it easy to fall asleep.

The hot water shower helps your muscles to relax and cool down which helps your circadian rhythm to get ready for the sleep. If you are planning to have a bubble bath, you should use lavender or sandalwood fragrances instead of citrus or other sweet fragrances. Lavender and sandalwood help to reduce stress and anxiety and helps you to stay relaxed resulting in good quality sleep.

  1. Listen to music

If you listen to your favourite music before going to bed, you will fall asleep quickly and help you in getting a good quality sleep. Studies have shown that music helps you to relax and can have a positive effect on your sleep. As per some studies listening to classical music is the best before going to bed, although what type of music you like is a personal choice.

Listening to relaxing music for 45 minutes should help you to relax and help you sleep better.

Listening to music slows down your heart rate and breathing, lowers your blood pressure, which will prepare your body for adequate and good quality slumber.

Listening to music should be part of your bedtime routine.

  1. Write in a journal

Another best way of relaxing before going to sleep is focussing on what happened throughout the day and jotting them down in your journal. Maintaining a gratitude journal and updating it daily before going to sleep is the best help and can help you to achieve good quality sleep.

You should write down all the things that you are grateful for on that particular day, this will allow your mind to focus on all the good things and take focus away from all the bad things that happened during the day. Bad things are always the source of increased stress levels and heightened anxiety.

Just a few lines should be enough instead of writing an essay.

  1. Use The Washroom Right Before Bed

You should use the washroom before going to bed to avoid having to wake up in the night and messing up your deep sleep. It fragments your circadian rhythm and may result in you finding it tough to go back to sleep or longer awake state. Also, you should stop consuming too many liquids within the last few hours of your scheduled bedtime.


Regular sleep deprivation is going to have negative effects on your life. Follow these tips to achieve the goal of falling asleep quickly and sleeping better at night so that you can start leading a healthy, comfortable, and productive life.

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