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ThemSharksThe Beasts Of Bulwer St

The Beasts Of Bulwer St comes packaged with a comic, a clear indicator that this reggae-rock three-piece are really just out to have some fun – and there’s nothing wrong with that. Opening track, They’ll Call It The Electric Hutchence, bops along merrily, tongue firmly in cheek, setting the tone perfectly, while Mr Turner is built around an audio recording of a DUI incident with American police. Still, there are occasional glimpses of a more serious side – Early Bird Special’s use of a faded tattoo as a cue to talk about regrets and inevitable change stands out.

While every track on the album is rooted in reggae, there are a number of genres thrown into the mix here. Purists might not like the assertion that there’s metal in Them Sharks’ DNA, but nonetheless it’s there, along with a bit of hip hop and some good, old-fashioned indie rock. What really impresses is how, rather than a mishmash, their sound is so coherent, the disparate elements forming a clear if playful voice.

While there’s nothing epoch-shattering going on, this a solid party record.


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