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Thelma Plum
Thelma Plum

Following on from her highly successful debut EP, Rosie, Thelma Plum is back, releasing inner demons with her sophomore release, Monsters, that coincides with her huge national tour which hits Players Bar, Mandurah, this Friday November 14; Mawson Park, Hillarys, on Saturday, November 15, (early); Amplifier on Saturday, November 15, (late) and the Newport Hotel this Sunday, November 16. AARON BRYANS reports. 

Being only 19 years of age, with triple j Unearthed, NIMA and Deadly awards under her belt; Thelma Plum is on the verge of a huge breakout.

The release of her debut EP, Rosie, drew a hugely positive response from fans and now, a year later, Plum is back… but not as we knew her.

“My sound has evolved and it’s grown as I’ve grown a lot,” Plum reveals. “Literally I’ve grown up a lot. It’s very different. I’m very happen with where I am at the moment with my music.”

Following a tough year emotionally, Plum decided to incorporate her experience into her music, putting down the guitar and instead teaming up with M-Phazes and John Castle to produce her recent release, Monsters.

“M-Phazes was very influential,” Plum states. “It was very much a collaborative process with M-Phazes, myself and John Castle.”

Monsters was written at a time where I was in a relationship with somebody that I probably didn’t realise at the time that I shouldn’t have been in a relationship with. Those songs are a reflection of where I was emotionally at the time.”

“I feel like, How Much Does Your Love Cost, Young In Love and Candles are all bunched together because they are about a certain time, but Monsters also means a lot to me. I get pretty sad still singing Candles now.”

Taking the launch on the road, Plum has headed off on a 14 date nationwide tour that will see her stop by WA between this week.

“The show is going to be very big,” Plum says. “I’m going to be very healthy and behaving, but it’s going to be very fun. It’s going to be the first time I get to perform and show everybody the Monsters EP and how it is live and I’m really excited.”