THEE GOLD BLOOMS Thee top 5 garage rock bangers

Perth based garage rockers Thee Gold Blooms are back with new single Nothin’ Surprises Me. It’s the first taste of their upcoming second album due 2018 and their first release since a 2015 self titled debut album. It’s a paranoid love song about staying up all night worrying about your sweetheart. The official release is this Friday, December 15 at The Sewing Room with support from friends Abacaxuva, The Ohmy Days and Surf Rabbits. To celebrate this auspicious occasion Thee Gold Blooms tell us their five favourite garage rock tunes of all time…

The Strange Boys – Should’ve Shot Paul

The Strange Boys were a band that had a really killer laidback, bluesy vibe and a voice that is really unique. We love this song and the album it comes off The Strange Boys and Girls Club (2009). It’s fitting that we’re talking about it now as we just saw Sir Paul McCartney a week ago and this song is a sadistic statement to Mark David Chapman saying he popped the wrong mop top. We love Macca though.

Natural Child – No One Writes Sad Songs Anymore

This Nashville band are just low-down legends. This is a country song rather than a garage rock or rock and roll song. We’re deep into a country thing at the moment and it’ starting to show up in some of the new songs we’ve been writing. They have an album called 1971 which is just one of my favourite things ever recorded.

The Almighty Defenders – All My Loving

The garage rock super group. The Almighty Defenders features King Khan, BBQ (Mark Sultan) and members of Black Lips. They created this one perfect gospel tinged garage rock masterpiece on a 4-track tape recorder and played a few sneaky shows here and there. I just wish they’d get together and do it all again – that’s all I want for Christmas. This song is the first song on any party playlist I put together. Can’t get enough.

The Beets – Cold Lips

We’re pretty heavily influenced by The Beets and the group sing-a-long thing they do on a lot of their tracks. Their 2005 album Stay Home is pretty perfect. Juan Waters just knows how to write a damn good song.

Doctopus – Patty Mills

Our favourite song from our favourite Perth band. I remember the first few times they played this one live and we just flipped out for it. It was love at first listen. The riff is gold. And it’s a song about Patty Mills. Too good. It should’ve been a worldwide number one single. Have no idea why it wasn’t. Thee Gold Blooms cover this one live from time to time. Love it.