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The Amani Consort
The Amani Consort

The Amani Consort launch their new album, Dawn After Dark, this Saturday, March 14, at Mojo’s with help from The Ruby Horns, Koi Child, Natalie Mae, Farren Wood and DJ Jkash. BOB GORDON chats with Aysha Amani.

Does this album feel like the culmination of a lot of hard work onstage and off over the last two years?

Yeah, we’ve definitely put in the hard yards but its been heaps of fun! In less than a year we have played our first international supports, performed at West Cost Blues N’ Roots, toured overseas and now we have written and recorded this album. I think this album is the culmination of many years of practicing our craft as individuals and we have collectively created something that we are all really proud of.

What did you want to evoke of The Amani Consort on this release?

I wanted to make a release that showed off the talented musicianship in the group, as well as creating a piece of artistic work that takes you on a journey and is enjoyable to listen to.

Lyrically, what are you drawn to most? Do you take time to write and finesse them or do they come in steady flows?

My lyrics tend to be a refection of what’s going on around me. I filter ideas and phrases from my day to day life that spark an idea or perspective. Often I have no idea what a song is really about until it’s done. Some times it just pours out sparked by a melody and sometimes I have to work a bit harder. But generally it always relates back to my own experience. I’m always surprised at what meanings other people draw from my lyrics as often it can be completely different to what I was thinking.

There’s some different textures and moods on the album than what I’ve encountered when I’ve seen the band live. Is there something to this or am I just nuts?

We have refined our sound since the last EP and change in bass player (James Claringold) has influenced the group. Working with producer, Sam Cutri, has also brought an outside perspective to the table. We have tried to stay fairly true to what we do live but the studio is a very different world and the ability to layer parts as well as the addition of backing vocals and horns has brought something special the tunes.

You’re a nine-piece for the launch, do you enjoy flexing it out like that?

Hell yeah! I think we are all really exited to play as a nine-piece band. I had goosebumps in rehearsals last week. We have been really lucky to have the Ruby Horns and vocalist Natalie Mae come on board with us and it really will be an amazing show.

What are the plans now that the album is out?

Well now is the fun part where we get to share the music we have created with people. We’ve got a filmclip in the works and next month we will be supporting Dubaray (QLD) on their WA tour. After that we will take a bit of a break before our down south tour in May and we hope to do some shows over east later in the year.

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