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THE YONDER gets 6.5/10 A love story with aliens

The Yonder @ The Studio, Blue Room Theatre (for Fringe)
Wednesday, February 14, 2018


Comedy is hard – it’s personal and derivative of your environment and company. As such, everyone has a different sense of humour, and when that humour doesn’t sync with a comedy show, it can be a little cringe-worthy for the spectator.

The Yonder, a journey through queer space that turns into a love story with aliens, is not going to be for everyone, but it is likely going to be for most. It is grassroots, comedic theatre done on a low budget –‘lo-fi, sci-fi’ as the show has been called. And whilst props and money is not needed to make people laugh –a matching sense of humour is.

Unfortunately, for this reviewer, the writing and humour did not hit the mark, but in fairness to the show, it seems it did for the majority of the audience who were in fits of laughter from go to woe. Although, there were also a few similarly perplexed members of the audience staring bewildered back at the stage.

The acting prowess of physical comedians Ezel Doruk and Shannan Lim was strong; they were brimming with confidence, brilliant timing and somatic finesse and executed everything with 100% conviction, and even when it wasn’t executed well – this became the joke.

That is the style of the show; no frills, friendly and intimate. It mocks itself constantly and pokes fun at the absurdity of it all. Doruk and Lim reference their own acting a lot, often looking into the audience and laughing with them when they do something wrong or badly (this can be a little frustrating at times as it seems like an easy out). The style is minimalist and modest and is in contrast to the grandiose acting techniques, but Doruk and Lim are able to pull it off with ease and make the show a success.

If you are into gratuitous nudity and affection, buffoonery, orgasm jokes and slapstick humour and want to switch off and let an easy wave of ridiculous fun wash over you – this is the show for you.


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