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THE XROSSING gets 7.5/10

Directed by Steven J. Mihaljevich

Starring Kelton Pell, Luke J. Morgan, Jacob O’Neill 


With expert framing that emphasises the beautifully rich tapestry of the Perth Eastern Hills, The Xrossing is a palpable story of betrayal, racial violence, consequences, and vulnerability. Starring Kelton Pell (The Heights, Red Dog: True Blue) as “Black Bobby,” the enigmatic Indigenous artist suspected of the local murder of a teen girl; and introducing Luke J. Morgan (Chris) as he manoeuvres the racism of a small town, and toxic friendships that are leading him astray.

After their unlikely bond, Bobby becomes a mentor and father figure to Chris, which highlights the onscreen chemistry of the two actors. These elements, at their core, tie the movie towards its inspirations in Jasper Jones and Mystic River.

The Xrossing holds many themes, and aesthetics, we’ve seen throughout Australian dramas over the last few years – but what sets this movie apart are the gothic themes, and taboo nature of the storyline: murder, drugs, sex, racism, and criminal violence; which places the film in the ballpark of Hounds of Love, Underbelly, and Chopper – a genre combination irregularly produced, but which provides a thrilling viewing experience.

Despite the dark concepts associated with this movie, every character has a charisma that draws you in, and holds sympathy – proving that we’re all a series of complex experiences, and that nothing is black and white.


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