THE WOLFBATS Away gets 7/10

The Wolfbats



Perth outfit The Wolfbats present a well crafted pop punk gem with debut single Away. Calling to mind the percussive energy of Green Day’s Tré Cool, the track carries a relentless energy as well as a constant stream of dynamic shifts.

The song explodes into its emo chorus after a short, drum heavy intro, a catchy hook with its roots deep in early 2000s punk. Vocalist Elise Hudspith blends heartache with undertones of protest to deliver an impressive performance, her style fitting for the genre yet unique enough to set The Wolfbats apart. She calls to mind the early work of Tegan and Sara, full of angst and emotionally overcome. It’s an enticing quality, and Away showcases it at every turn.

Away is a cohesive piece, the instrumentation powers forward and creates a satisfying build up. Guitars sit thickly throughout, setting the tone and directing the journey. It’s the kind of song that encourages several different variations of head banging, riling you up only to draw you back down for a moment’s reflection. At its core, Away  feels like a break up song. One that’s full of anger and unresolved tension. It’s relatable, consistently catchy and unapologetically raw.