THE WILD MEN OF THE WEST Cowboy comedians

With the spirits of Australian cowboys and the hearts of underappreciated artisans, comedians Jon Pinder, Daniel Derby, John Conway and Andrew Wolfe are joining forces as The Wild Men of the West. As regulars to the Comedy Lounge, these four horsemen will be back on familiar territory on Sunday, September 15.

Slowly, but surely, each comedian has begun to make their presence known in the Australian comedy scene, having performed at various venues and comedy festivals around the country. Although they aren’t quite ready to give up their day jobs, the allure of stand-up has yet to deter them from the spotlight.

There’s no telling what these four comic cowboys will be getting up to, but expect a performance that is raw and uncensored entertainment that will make your stomach ache from laughing.

The Wild Men of The West will be hitting Comedy Lounge on Sunday, September 15.  Tickets are available through the Hipflask app and their new seamless ticketing experience here. Just go to the menu, tap on the hashtag #seamlesstix and scroll down to find the event.