The Washing Line Economy 



The Washing Line Economy (previously Roobs and the Washing Line Economy) are out and about on a fantastical journey throughout Perth with their new single Kelloggs and its debut music video. It’s our first taste of the band’s upcoming debut album Supply and Demand, which is set to bless our ears this year, in late October. 

At first a confusing track, it proves to be an ultimately clever and relatable concept for most of us. The band describes Kelloggs as an ode to being a ‘serial flake,’ complimented with vocalist Robin Bottrells chorus lyrics which are delivered with such honesty: “And although I told you tonight I’d make/ I’ve just realised, that I am a serial flake.”

Filmed by Mare Elzinga, the music video (see it below) captures the boys beautifully in their iconic attire – the denim overalls, as they follow the story of a mysterious red suitcase. The addition of a wizard, wands and some truely wholesome dancing all contributes to the general likeableness of the clip. Although at a total of 3:45 they built our anticipation as much as they could to finally not reveal what lies inside the case. We should’ve seen the MacGuffin coming – these guys are serial flakes after all. 

It’s easy and breezy, with the addition of some much-needed musical elements, which make it stand out from your basic indie track. A nice bridge, a bit of guitar, and some groovy remixed elements make it either a sound addition to your lazy Sunday playlist, or a pleasant, live slow mover.