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The Volcanics


Get A Move On

Citadel Records

The Volcanics couldn’t have chosen a more apt producer than Rob Younger for their long-awaited second full-length album, and the man who helped create a uniquely Australian breed of garage rock with Radio Birdman and The New Christs perfectly captures the Perth band in all their ragged glory.

The band have finessed their own sound over the last half a dozen years of playing around Perth and further afield, equally referencing The Stooges and The MC5 Detroit garage sounds as much as AC/DC’s hard edged pub rock, whilst keeping a very 1950’s rock’n’roll mindset and focussing on songwriting and performance to the exclusion of all other bullshit.

One could list tracks and cite reference points, but that would be boring, and nothing about The Volcanics is boring.

All you need to know is that Get A Move On is 11 original and engaging songs and one cover of a great Paul McCarthy tune (I’m Not A Gun), that boasts a musical triumvirate tighter than a rusted nut, with Tommy Hopkins’ guitars dancing around the propulsive rhythm section of Pete Acklin and Alex Megaw, and the ever-hypnotic Johnny Phatouros on the mic.


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