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THE UNDERGROUND We can be happy underground

The Underground
is an exclusive latin-R&B club that promises to bring the heat to Perth Fringe. Featuring a gamut of talent that includes captivating dancers, live percussion, hypnotising vocals, speciality acts and quick witted comedy from MC Dave Callan, Elysian Creative’s debut Perth Fringe performance promises to be “hot hot hot” across its seven-night run from Wednesday, January 27 to Wednesday, February 3 at Home Economics, Girls School (get more info and tickets here). To get the sweaty inside goss on the upcoming performances, MICHAEL HOLLICK talked to heat-seeking team from The Underground.

How would you describe your show in your own words?

A 50-minute escape from the outside world to an exclusive latin R&B club that promises passion, sweat, laughs and heat. Captivating dancers, hypnotising vocals, quick witted comedy and live percussion with all the trimmings of a good night out.

Who do you think will enjoy The Underground the most?

Anyone who’s up for a good time! We’ve got a little something for everyone at The Underground. Live music fan? Percussion from Mark McDonald and pitch-perfect harmonies from Mia Simonette and Lisa Drennan will make your night. Stand-up Comedy buff? Let Rove star and Underground MC Dave Callan have you in stitches. Missing out on Magic Mike Live? Let our boys Tane Tipoki and Braydon Nicholas take you on a ride. We want every single audience member to want to jump up from their seat and join us in the smoky lights of The Underground.

How long have you been preparing for Fringe 2021?

This show was born out of Perth creatives returning home during COVID lockdowns in 2020. Rehearsals began in November and the team has been working tirelessly since to create some magic for Fringe World. Without the hardships of 2020 The Underground wouldn’t exist. It’s taught us how much talent is here in Perth, and the magic we can create when we all stop trying so hard to get out! Jumping back on the stage again after last year is a big deal for all of us and we all feel so fortunate to be here.

What is the one thing that about The Underground that you are eager to share with audiences?

We want to give audiences an escape from the madness of the last year, help them let go of mundane life and find a different identity at The Underground.

What do you think differentiates your show from the other Fringe 2021 shows?

This show is dance, vocals, live percussion, waacking, stand-up comedy and physical theatre – all tied into one little 50 minute star studded, energy packed bundle. Our cast features Perth creatives with who wouldn’t otherwise be home over summer. And we love a good plot twist. If you can find another show like us, we’ll buy you a drink!

And finally, what fruit is your show most like? And why?

Our show is a straight up Pepper – Habaneros, jalapenos, Serranos you name it. Pure heat, spice, heart-racing, sweat dripping stuff.


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