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The Temperament

Post-hardcore five piece, The Temperament, launch their self-titled debut EP at the Rosemount Hotel this Wednesday, December 17, with support from Amberdown, Last Week’s Heroes and Lowight. We caught up with vocalist, Aaron Bryans.

What’s the Temperament story?

Everyone always has that New Year’s Eve drunken moment where they think something completely random will be incredible. Luckily back on December 31, 2012, our epiphany was to form a band. Having been school mates back in high school, hanging out was not uncommon for the lot of us. We jumped right into it, leaving no barriers on our sound and soon enough we were ready to hit the live scene and record our first EP!

What’s your sound? Who are your influences?

We’ve constantly joked that we’re stuck in a mosh of post-nu-metal-rock-core, however when it boils down to it I’d have to say we’re pretty nu-metal. Think old school Linkin Park meets modern Stone Sour and you have yourself an insanely pumping experience.

Tell us about the EP.

This five-track EP will be our debut release, a dream we’re absolutely ecstatic to have achieved. We recorded it at Sumo Studios with a good friend of ours, Tristan Sturmer. The guy is incredible. He has a unique ability to not only record tracks but constantly find ways to expand them and complete what was an already full sound. We’re so proud of the final result and so far since releasing the single we’ve heard nothing but good news which has kept the momentum rolling into the launch. Thanks guys!

What’s your writing process like?

We’re constantly working on riffs that are brought forward by any member of the band. Some end up completely revamped by the end of it but we’re always looking to build on our sound and increase confidence within ourselves as a group. Every member is obviously in charge of finalising their specific instrument but we’re constantly offering suggestions to one another as to how we can make a new song better and completely unique to any we’ve done before.

How was 2014 for you guys?

2014 was a year were we really got to understand ourselves and the music industry itself. We threw ourselves out there into the live scene, with some highs and some lows, gathering as much experience as we could from anyone we could. We did some demo recordings around mid-year and it really shook us up. We knew what we were lacking and what we needed to take that next step and we did it. Now after all the hard work we’ve hit a point we’re we can stand tall Wednesday night and put on a show everyone will love.

Anything to add?

We’d love to thank Tristan Sturmer once again for his part in helping us create this EP along with the guys from Lowlight, Amberdown and Last Week’s Heroes who have jumped in to support us on this big night. It’s going to be awesome, we can’t wait!

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