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The Tea Party


The Ocean At The End


It’s good to have this band back. After a decade-and-a-half of cranking out some of the most eclectic and surprising progressive rock you will ever hear, this Canadian institution took a break in 2005, which lasted six years, and it has taken them another three to release any brand new music.

All up, it is a full decade between studio albums for this classic power trio, but it’s most definitely worth the wait. The Ocean At The End makes it sound like they have never been away. In fact, it seems the breather has done them good; it’s revived them, and this album sounds fresh, powerful and typically enigmatic.

It opens in typical style, the first three tracks being very Led Zeppelin and world music-inspired progressive power rock, before Daniel Lanois’ quieter, more ambient The Maker kicks in to provide a beautiful wash of dynamics. Main man Jeff Martin’s crooning voice soothes the soul and pleases the ears. Black Roses features bluesy and country-tinged moments, and makes it even more apparent that this isn’t just another rock album. In fact, it’s a real journey across extremely varied sound scapes.

Overall, this is an excellent return, and should get Tea Party fans worldwide very excited indeed.


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