The Strychnine Cowboys

Cowboys_smaller size group shot (2)Deville’s Pad

Friday, June 6, 2014

The Strychnine Cowboys made their debut appearance at Deville’s Pad on Friday night. Backed by local DJs and go-go dancers grooving along to the popular hits from 50s and 60s American soul, R&B and pop their appearance capped off a night that really celebrated the theme of a vintage Las Vegas venue.

Starting off entertainment for the night were 7th Son and John Black. Some might call them DJs, but their main purpose was warming up the crowd with a selection of the popular hits from ’50s and ’60s. The crowd were right into this music and the go-go dancers certainly added something to the entertainment. The venue itself is quite impressive as well, with the theme of hell and decadence straight out of what I imagine Las Vegas was in a bygone Golden Age. The food was pretty good too, with a nice selection of classics from America’s deep south.

With the crowd well and truly in their dancing shoes, The Strychnine Cowboys hit the stage playing good old fashioned American blues but with strong British rock influences like The Who and The Rolling Stones. With this being the first live performance with new drummer Daniel Gazzard, you might have thought they’d be a little apprehensive on stage but they were not. A very lively and energetic performance as they rocked out through the night.

Such a shame the set was so short (perhaps it only seemed that way with the energy coming off stage and from the crowd to the stage), just as I was really getting into their performance…it was their last song of the night. In summary, a great band in a good venue to dance the night away.