THE STANLEYS Debut album track by track

With a huge international touring roster taking in the likes of the US, Italy, Sweden, Norway, UK and Spain, it’s a rare treat to catch The Stanleys back home once in a while. But that’s what they’ll be doing when they launch long awaited, self-titled debut album at the 459 Bar on Saturday, November 25. Frontman and longtime local music figure Mark Di Renzo caught up with X-PRESS for an exclusive track by track rundown of the album…


Amy is an upbeat pop punktastic plea of love. A guy has a huge crush on his best female friend and wants her to be more.

Cigarette Glow

Burning fire.  Destruction.  Loss of life. One cigarette butt can do horrendous things.

What Are We Gonna Do?

Two people are in separate relationships and then they find one another. How do they know what the right thing to do is? Should they stay and work on their current relationships and ignore what might be a passing fling? But maybe their new found love will bring them ultimate long term happiness?

My World

My World is about the darker side of today’s online world and the world of social media.  Sometimes it seems we have to sift through so many lies and so much bullshit to find an honest answer or a real person.


Guys and their cars. Classic cars have donned our LP and 7 inch covers and our t-shirts.  Is it possible for someone to love a car like a partner or maybe a partner like they love a car?


Love him or hate him, he was one of a kind. Teenage boys around the world wanted to be him, freedom of speech activists loved him and feminists wanted to kill him. RIP Hugh Hefner.

Everybody Dance

Many of us can be guilty of worrying about what other people think. We might not all have the flashest moves on the dancefloor but who cares?  This song is a call to action and should be danced and sung along to in living rooms, bedrooms, cars, Stanleys gigs and dancefloors around the world!

Say You Will

How do we get someone to say they will? You know they want to but something’s holding them back. Another plea of love.

This Time Goodbye

Sometimes love fades, people grow apart. It sucks but with every door closing another opens.


We all have times in our lives where we feel nothing is going our way. Maybe it’s all work and no reward. When it’s a long winter, we just want it to end and the sun to start shining.

Kid’s Gonna Rock

This song is an anthem preaching to the party faithful on dream chasing. As we get older we seem to be pressured into taking the safe, more responsible route in our lives. Sure there is a place for that when we become responsible for shaping the lives of others. However, we should never let go of our dreams whether that be writing and releasing albums, travelling the world, writing novels, presenting paintings at art exhibitions or becoming a masterchef. Dreams are worth fighting for!