The Sound Factory

The Sound Factory
The Sound Factory

First established in Bentley in 1991, The Sound Factory is a part of the Perth music scene’s bedrock. We spoke with the studio’s owner and operator, Wayne Smith.

“I am the owner of The Sound Factory. There are three of us working here and we each take on the role of producer/engineer.

“The Sound Factory has been in business since 1991. Beginning as a 24 track tape based studio in Bentley, we have since moved to North Perth then to our current location in Bayswater where we have been for almost 15 years now.

“The Sound Factory now houses two studios, both tape based, one being 16 track the other 24 track. As well as investing in new technology, we have retained equipment from the beginning, much of which was sourced second hand at the

time. After 23 years, we now have a wide selection of equipment dating from the 1960s to the present.

“The recording area is about 10 by 8 metres, so is well suited for bands that want to track live and then overdub as required. Though the established bands are great to work with, the best thing about newer bands is that they usually are up for trying new things and the studio is full of vintage toys to play with – heaps of old valve amps, a couple of old organs and a 40 year old Gretsch drum kit. It’s the coolest thing to finish a recording where everyone has had a great time and learned

something along the way, then seeing bands successful and knowing that you helped them achieve that. Every time you listen to the CD, you remember the fun and energy in the studio.

“We have just completed albums from local band Arkarion, as well as Jaxon Louix, who is based in Melbourne. Next will be Penny Ikinger, another Melbourne artist who will be touring here at the end of May and recording a solo project.

“Everyone at The Sound Factory is passionate about local music and always happy to help Perth bands in any way we can.”