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THE SEWING ROOM Opening Night gets 7.5/10

Opening Night @ The Sewing Room
w/ Spencer Arbuckle, Noah Dillon, Almond Soy, Holly Garvey, Hank, DJ NDorse
Thursday, October 5, 2017


A cool Thursday evening brought with it the hotly anticipated opening night of Perth’s latest venue, The Sewing Room. Even if it was a soft opening, the after work suits piled into the venue – excited to see what it all looked like (as well as sussing out a potential new venue for Friday night drinks).


The champagne was flowing as people chatted away and enjoyed the sounds of Hank serenading us with a mix of her own songs and covers, including a gorgeous cover of Vance Joy’s Riptide.

Holly Garvey

As more people wandered through the doors and the buzz of conversations was drifting through and creating a warm, comforting vibe when mixed with the dulcet sounds of brother and sister duo, Holly Garvey.

Almond Soy

Spencer Arbuckle, Noah Dillon and Almond Soy would all take the stage as well. If you haven’t seen them, check them out as they are all very talented. But the night wasn’t so much about music, it was all about celebrating the venue itself.

Noah Dillon

As the observer, it was actually fascinating to watch the ‘changing of the guards’. As the suits started to make their way home as they had one more day of work left, it was the friends, family and music lovers who took over the venue before finally, the uni students and the night owls settled in to drink, dance and sing to the carefully selected tunes that DJ Ndorse was spinning.

Spencer Arbuckle

And the venue itself? The staff and security guards were really friendly, the place is looking really good and they even have a ‘chill out’ zone where you can sit down and chat with your friends. They have made the best possible use of all the space that they had available to them and the best thing? They are open from 6pm to 5am from Thursday to Saturday. Here is a place in Perth you can just go and hang, watch some great bands, listen to great music and relax.


Spread the word. The Sewing Room is open for business and well worth checking out. It’s a welcome addition to Perth’s strong field of live music venues and will hopefully serve us well for a long time to come.


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