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No Sound Without Silence



Since 2008, The Script have released an album every two years and, sure enough, here arrives No Sound Without Silence.

By now they’ve reached ‘household name’ status, which makes you think it would give them the liberty to spread their wings a mix it up a little. Not here: The Script play it safe again. Most songs follow the same outline: acoustic/piano intro, soothing but generic vocals, big build up including drums and then a final fade out. It makes for easy listening but does really just sound like listening to one track on a different day of the week in a different mood. They bring out the Irish blood in their veins in the second half of the album with the track Paint The Town Green and Hail, Rain Or Sunshine with its strings, flutes and folk-like rhythms and crowd chanting, it riles up a sense of patriotism and overall optimism.

No Sound Without Silence might just be what diehard fans are looking for, but it’s a shame The Script haven’t experimented a little more.


2.5 stars


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