THE SABOTEURS Now That You’re Gone/Sunday Driver gets 8/10

The Saboteurs (aka The Raconteurs)
Now That You’re Gone/Sunday Driver
Third Man Records


Last year was the 10th anniversary of The Raconteurs’ (aka The Saboteurs’ in Australia) second album and whilst a lot of fans had probably given up hope of new music from Jack White and Co, Third Man Records threw us all a bone when they announced a special album release of 2008’s Consolers Of The Lonely, which also included a limited edition 7” vinyl with two new tracks. Of course, we still had to wait a couple of months before the tracks were to be released but it was definitely worth the wait.

Now That You’re Gone is a beautifully sad ballad – the kind that makes you want to shut your eyes and let the sounds wash over you while swaying to the beat as Brendan Benson’s smooth voice takes you away. The film clip to it is extremely provocative (and a little bit NSFW) and adds to the strong imagery that the song provokes in the first place.

Sunday Driver is the complete opposite to Now That You’re Gone. Jack White is the main lyricist and it’s fast, upbeat and everything that you would expect from White. It’s catchy and the beat takes hold of you and along with the film clip (again worlds apart from Now That You’re Gone) makes you want to get up and jump around whilst singing it at the top of your lungs.

Both songs however, are everything that you could want from The Raconteurs and the 10 year wait between drinks is all forgiven. Something that is audibly noticeable is the amount of depth; the maturity and growth in all of them. Yes, it’s something that you would expect but because of that massive gap in-between songs, it’s more pronounced than usual.

That’s not to say that any of their previous work has aged because that’s simply not true. It’s more of an indication of how much they have all grown as musicians and that being in other projects have just increased their talents exponentially. The only problem is that we now have to start that painful wait all over again. Let’s just hope they announce some side shows when they are here for Bluesfest in April.