THE PREATURES Your Fan gets 8.5/10

The Preatures
Your Fan


It’s been three long years since The Preatures stunned us with their debut album Blue Planet Eyes, but if new track Your Fan is anything to go by, the wait has been well worth it. Your Fan is the second single off the band’s soon to be released second studio album Girlhood, out August 11.

The track is a return to the basics; a stripped back and heartfelt alt-country track that is so beautifully understated and earnest, it is impossible not to like.

Your Fan is full of sparse, rich keys, while rounded synth and warm guitar work create the feeling of a nostalgic, cosy blanket. Isabella Manfredi’s vocals are raw and homely but also devout – reminiscent of Dolly Parton or Bruce Springsteen albeit with a modern twist, as she casually states “And now I’ll just sit there at a screen, I don’t wanna lover boy in a machine” echoing the pitfalls of technology and the perils of distance in modern relationships all too knowingly.

It’s a surprise and bold move for the band, showing their preference for songwriting prowess and understated charm over pleasing the masses with a straight up earworm or convoluted artistry. The laid back vibes may prove a little unassuming for some, but for many it will be like a breath of honest fresh air.