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The Preatures

The-PreaturesChela / Gunns
Friday, September 20, 2013

Local rockers Gunns opened the night with a fun loving and laid back performance that had the crowd soon forget the rocky and late start. Ranging from rock and roll, to slow and relaxed beach tunes, to ‘60s rock at times reminiscent of The Kinks, this four piece was unassumingly brilliant.

Not quite in fitting with the feel of the night, two piece electronic synth band Chela still managed to turn some heads and tap some feet with their upbeat set. They started off loud and punchy, with a few ‘get on your feet’ tunes, then mellowed out with steel drum sprinkled pop songs.

So diverse that I fret to name a genre, The Preatures were sometimes soulful, sometimes rocky, sometimes groovy, even a little country, but always entertaining. The now pulsating crowd was electrified; somehow this rather large haunt had become impossible to move in, unless of course for a dance.

The sultry and intriguing vocals from insanely talented front woman Isabella Manfredi bewitched, while the smooth as silk backups ensured a full, rich sound. Guitarist Gideon Bensen shared the lead vocal duties throughout the set, and my, what a pairing these two are. With Gideon’s strong and oft times gravelly vocals mixed with the feminine yet rock vocals of Isabella, the set was full of surprise after delightful surprise. The energy on stage was full throttle by mid set, and was more than matched by the ecstatically swaying crowd.

Suddenly, another brilliant change of tempo: a certain homage to Fleetwood Mac, with the surely on purpose title Revelations. Manfredi sweetly dedicated this song to ‘all my girls in the audience, and all my boys, and all my boys who wanna be girls, and all my girls who wanna be boys.’ How could you not feel the love from this strong lady?

A simple bass beat between songs caused a stomping and clapping riot which was intensified with the next song dedication… to Tony Abbott. ‘May he cherish his role as minister for women’s affairs’ prayed Manfredi, as the lyrics ‘Whatever you want, whatever you need, I’ll give it to you’ echoed throughout.

Crowd favourite and newest single Is This How You Feel was to be the final song of the night as ‘encores are such a crock of shit’ but after some extremely loud and vigorous encouragement, The Preatures offered up one final sweet morsel before heading offstage and into the beer garden to greet enamoured fans. What humble and lovely creatures.



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