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Jumping On The Highwire



With a name like The Perch Creek Family Jugband you would expect the Melbourne quintet to play roots based music. But if you were expecting the moniker to be just an opportunity for the outfit to cash in on the ‘hipness’ of indie-country, then you may be surprised to hear that there are actually four siblings driving the band here.

The band has been invited onto almost every festival going around so as punters can get a slice of their good-time hoe-downs. Jumping On The Highwire is The Perch Creek Jugband’s second attempt to bring their party tunes to the studio.

With nearly all members contributing tunes and ideas, and no shortage of quirky instruments at hand (a washboard, jug, spoons and even tap-dancing), Jumping On The Highwire is far from cohesive which at times is a strength but also a weakness. Mother Of My Mother draws on the depression era with great affect, while Party On The Farm invokes images of hay bales and barn dancing

The Perch Creek Family Jugband have a reputation for high energy fun time live shows. Sadly this just hasn’t transitioned onto disc for Jumping On The Highwire, which is nothing more than a pleasant tipping of the hat to a bygone time.



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