The Notwist

TheNoTwistClose To The Glass

German outfit, The Notwist, don’t appear to be in any hurry or bound by any parameters set by others. The outfit started as a hairy rock outfit, before finding their niche as primarily an electronic project in the early 2000s. With only three albums in the last decade you are never sure what you will get with an album from The Notwist.
Having most recently dabbled in soundtracks and side projects, Close To The Glass is the band’s most complete offering in six years. Things are kicked off with obnoxious blips and beeps before giving way to the delightful whisper that is Markus Archer’s voice and the glitches and understated beats that characterise the heartbreak of The Notwist’s finest moments.
Kong turns the record on its head as the electronica that has so far been the staple is swapped for a falsetto lead melodic romp that is driven by shakers, guitars and has a chorus that will prompt awkward teenage boys to dance around their bedrooms with arms flailing and hearts beating.
Close To The Glass may yet be the most broad exploration of electronica by The Notwist to date. The guitars play a more leading role than usual without there being any sacrifice in guile or impact.