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The Murphy Brothers

MurphyBrothersThick As Thieves

The Murphy Brothers are Chris and Courtney Murphy, who made a name for themselves on Australian Idol, and their other sibling Kieran,  who is somewhat lesser-known. As stalwarts in WA pubs over the past few decades, the siblings are a polished proposition.

The brothers have shown their love of a good pop song over the years, and they kick off the latest offering with a power pop gem in the form of Thick As Thieves. If there was any justice this one would be all over the radio with its chorus that won’t give up being sung in cars by the masses.

The Murphy Brothers hark back to a time when classic sounding pop records were given the billing they deserve and there are hooks aplenty on display here. Not Invited is as catchy as smallpox and Kings And Queens has harmonies that Jellyfish would have been proud of.

The fact that Chris and Courtney are minor celebrities in this town has long overshadowed their musical output. This is a crying shame as they have a deep reservoir of cracking classic pop tunes if Thick As Thieves is any indicator.


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