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The Morning Night Single Launch

The Morning Night

Runner/Silver Hills


Friday, September 13, 2013

The PICA bar was a comfortable escape from the grizzly streets as the denizens of Perth were treated to some of the finest indie rock talent the state has to offer, headlined by the crisp and professional The Morning Night who were celebrating the release of their new single Valentine off their yet to be released album amberola. Office workers and musical entities a like were crammed into the cosy space which was soon flooded by harmonious reverb and a relaxed atmosphere.

Starting fashionably late, opening act Silver Hills set the mood of the night with soft tones and a dreamy chain of effects bringing the house to attention. A fantastic range of tempos was touched, beginning with a slow, deliberate and notably retro sound, the kind that makes you want to grab your best girl and hit the soda fountain. As the set progressed we were treated to what the band described as their ‘crunk party music’ which, while probably not a suitable term, did signal continued exploration into gentle and comforting compositions. Honourable mention goes to their 2012 track Sunset On The West Coast, the vocals of which were heavy with emotional content and shiver inducing harmony. A solid offering from Silver Hills which at its best inspired a Tears For Fears type euphoria.

The boys from Runner hit the ground like their name sake with a driving four to the floor beat paired with evolving, pristine licks. Present was the genre-indicative wall of reverb and twinkling melodies but the addition of a few heavy drum breaks added a much welcome danceability. This is an element which can easily be lost in the haze of thoughtfulness or dense moodiness which this style of music generally evokes, but Runner are clearly not a band afraid of exploring the spectrum.

The Morning Night came equipped with vast musical experience, studio time with Brian Jonestown Massacre guitarist Ricky Maymi and a well honed pop sensibility. At this point the house was solidly packed with a variety of beverage sodden transients and diehard local music fans. The Morning Night posses a clean and friendly sound, and any expressions of darkness were a part of a well executed transition between emotions. While lead singer Adrian Hoffmann took the time to express how beautiful the crowd looked, the band themselves were certainly pleasant to the eye as well as the ear which is always important. Vocalist and keyboardist Isaura Campbell was something of a show stealer, her powerful yet husky voice penetrating through the mix to provide a unique texture to this band’s sound.

Proficient in their own right, The Morning Night put on a solid show, perhaps let down only by the fact that all three acts produced a rather similar sound which became a little dull by the time the final note rang out. Having said this, free music of such a high quality is somewhat rare in Perth, and the combined passion of the musicians created a magnetic hearth with a mellow and refreshing atmosphere.


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