The Moon Cafe

The Moon 2It’s been a constant source of comfort to Perth’s night owls for donkeys now, but changes are afoot at the venerable Moon Cafe. The William Street icon boasts a fresh menu filled to bursting point with tasty treats, including a killer new brunch menu, so we touched base with Georgia and Tom Mathieson, the sibling superstars behind the Moon, to get the inside scoop.


What sets The Moon apart from other venues? What makes it unique?

The Moon has always been about the late nights, it’s been in business for over 20 years (it’s now in its 24th year). It’s a grungy, retro time-warp with a giant clock that goes backwards.


What prompted the menu change?

It was about time, the menu had hardly been changed in over a decade and it had too many meals on it for such a small kitchen. We wanted to add some fresher, sharing options. And as for brunch, it was time for The Moon to see the sun.


How did you go about curating the new menu?

We were largely the driving force behind the change. We wrote a new menu and then met with a chef friend, Vital Syverin. He threw around some new ideas and we produced the final edit. Vital helped us with the presentation and implementation (look out for his Soul Provider food van and catering).


What would you say are the ‘must try’ highlights?

Dinner: Lamb ragu orecchiette with mascarpone. Sautéed mushroom pizza with gorgonzola. Haloumi and green bean salad.

Brunch: Pork chipolatas with fried eggs and kimchi. Braised lamb on toast. Mushroom and artichoke breakfast bruschetta with whipped feta.


Anything else to add?

New drinks menu coming soon!