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The Monicans

The MonicansThe Rosemount Hotel
Friday, January 10, 2014

Maybe it was the epic hangover that only Christmas cheer can provide, but Friday night at the Rosemount was definitely a quiet one. Nevertheless The Monicans put on a solid show to some loyal family and friends, pounding out catchy tune after catchy tune.

The band opened their set with some heavier tunes, swinging between softer lyrical sections to heavier guitar based riffs in almost every song. These guitar riffs regularly extended into all out psychedelic anarchy, with guitarist Paul Beard sparing no notes, in his search for what could only have been total guitar annihilation. Highlights included the band’s biggest single Go Away, which had a funky little surf pop melody interchanged with heavier guitar breaks. The closing song Evangeline was an interesting little tune that carried its own, with catchy lyrics and regularly dispersed heavy guitar.

The Monicans have an interesting and at times very original sound that could represent a new turn in the music that is coming out of this city. What is striking therefore is that they seem to be making an attempt to fit into the psychedelic trend that is currently sweeping Australian pop/rock. It is easy to understand why: bands like Tame Impala have inspired a new generation of psychedelic rockers particularly in Perth.

Supporting the Monicans were Darwin based Shineybeast and the ever-energetic The Georgians, who did a solid job of filling in last minute for Echostone. These baby-faced rockers definitely knew their way around a tune and played to the crowd that they had.

Also supporting were The Crossbars, who had all of the energy if not all of the chops. Two things were clear from The Crossbars set: a) that they are a band that has all of the passion and the stage presence to put on a very solid show, and b) that their technical ability on their instruments at times let them down.

It might be very un-rock’n’roll, but the best advice these young rockers could take would be to sit down and do continual slow practice with a metronome.

Friday night was a good example of what it can be like gigging in Perth. Fortunately The Monicans and friends didn’t let this deter them, with each band working to put on a solid show. It would be worth catching them again when they have the support of a lively crowd to bounce off.


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