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THE MONEY WAR Lifetime gets 7/10

The Money War



Since forming in 2016, The Money War duo Dylan and Carmen Ollivierre’s success has seen them tour nationally with the likes of Meg Mac, Dope Lemon, Holy Holy and Neil Finn, who hand-selected them to open for him after hearing their music.

Lifetime is their first release of 2020 and the first song off an upcoming album. Speaking about it, Dylan says, “Lifetime is about reaching a milestone and taking stock of your life, comparing the reality to your expectations. As we began writing for a new album, we found out we were having a baby. Naturally our worlds were filled with extreme emotions and that’s what came through in the music”. 

 The single is a gorgeous slice of dream pop, fluttering in like a warm summer breeze. It’s well-crafted, shimmering as strongly as the poppier works of Fleetwood Mac. Given their sunny mode of music, it’s unsurprising that the duo are unashamedly positive and pleasant in their songwriting of life and relationships. Their last EP Life Is Better In Dreams contained songs with titles like The One I Love and Let Love In. While Lifetime acknowledges the issues looming parenthood presents, it still retains their usual optimism: as the catchy chorus goes, “Lifetime/ Follow the road ’til you make it back”.


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