THE MIND WARP PAVILION 4 Let’s dance to Bowie

Get glittered as Australian artists unite in celebration of music icon David Bowie. Stardust covered The Mind Warp Pavilion 4 hits The Court Hotel and will dedicate hours to Bowie and his music. Celebrate Bowie in Northbridge on Saturday, January 11 from 6-10pm.

A sparkling array of musicians will pay homage to the Thin White Duke with their own Bowie interpretations. With performances led by Melbourne’s Thin White Ukes (pictured above) and Australian Idol finalist Chris Murphy they have a mix of new and old faces. Artist Rahalie McGuirk will also be back to create yet another Bowie artwork that will be available for auction with part proceeds going to the Cancer Council.

David Bowie departed this earthly plane four years ago on January 10,  2016. The Mind Warp Pavilion 4 continues to show respect for Bowie and his seminal contribution to music, and the arts in general.

The Mind Warp Pavilion 4 commemorative event hits The Court Hotel on Saturday, January 11 from 6-10pm. Tickets from Moshtix