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The Mark Of Cain – Photo by Michael Wylie

The Rosemount Hotel
Saturday, November 15, 2014

In Australian rock circles The Mark Of Cain are known for their gritty down to earth lyrics, hard driving tunes and their amazing live performances. A packed, testosterone-fuelled crowd assembled to witness the 30 year old band’s second tour stemming from their 2012 release, Songs Of Third And Fifth.

Local up and comers Scalphunter were charged with warming up the crowd with their own brand of high intensity, punk-charged rock and roll. With most of the band adorned in Canadian Tuxedos they grabbed that tiger by the tail, beckoning the ever growing crowd towards them. A tight, high-energy set saw them on stage for about an hour, rock posing on the steel barrier, windmilling and busting out riffs while standing on top of the Rosemount bar (not totally OHS recommended but… no bones broken!)

Scalphunter did well to win over a tough crowd at the Rosemount, who were here for something very different to what they serve up. If Scalphunter were a Torana racing down the road, Mark Of Cain are a road train ploughing though the red dirt out of Adelaide. Unbelievable momentum. Incredible weight. An unending fury.

By the time Mark Of Cain were due on stage the Rosemount was as full as I have ever seen it, dominated by the now pepper-haired men that they have spoken to through their music in their 30 year career. Fans old and new were in for a treat, with MoC showcasing songs even older than their touring drummer, Eli Green.
Dressed ready for work in black shirts emblazoned with Songs Of Third And Fifth patches (which seems to have become a bit of a uniform of late for the trio). After lead singer/guitarist John Scott introduced the band with ‘Hi, we’re the Backstreet Boys’ the hammer was instantly put down with the opening riff of the classic Interloper from 1995’s album Ill At Ease, a crowd favourite that laid down the intense momentum for the show. With Second Hander from 2000’s This is This… followed up by 1000 Yards off 2012’s SoTaF and then UCD off 1990’s The Unclaimed Prize, MoC showed the packed Rosemount front bar how well this uncompromising band out of Adelaide has done with their unique sound, bringing it from the heart for all to see.

Highlights were all over the almost two-hour set: 2001’s Familiar Territory, the epic Milosevic and Avenger, Grey 11, and Separatist off Songs Of Third And Fifth for the newer fans. For the true believers in the crowd, the iconic Contender, ® Retaliate and Point Man to close out the set. An encore of the heartfelt LMA, the groove-driven Tell Me and 1989’s Battlesick saw the lights come on after The Mark Of Cain again added to their reputation, giving yet another amazing performance. You rarely see a crowd so fully taken in by a band. The Mark Of Cain constantly prove their quality at every outing, with no body left unmoved, and no head left un-banged.


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