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THE MACKERELS Video Premiere: Side of the Road

Fresh Perth indie-pop act The Mackerels have just shared the video for their recently-released first single, Side of the Road.

The Mackerels started as a way for songwriter Andrew Meredith (Pat Chow, Thee Gold Blooms, Verge Collection) to share his personally-written songs with his friends. He’s gathered these friends together to form the band and bring the lo-fi-garage, jangly pop tunes to life.

Packed with catchy hooks and surreal yet relatable lyrics, Side of the Road is an energetic distillation of the band’s ethos in a neat two-minute package.  Directed by Thomas Cahill of Bunky Vids, the video captures the band being loose and playful as they bust out the song in a sunny suburban lounge room. With gaffes and outtakes-a-plenty, the clip showcases the fun, upbeat vibe you can expect from a Mackerels show.

Side of the Road is out now through Zimwow and is the first single from The Mackerel’s debut album due for release later this year.

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