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The Love Junkies


Blowing On The Devil’s Strumpet



Arguably not since The Vasco Era disappeared has there been a band in contemporary Australian rock that has sounded so genuinely dangerous and on the verge of completely losing it the way The Love Junkies do.

It’s their howling, punk-tinged brand of garage rock that has allowed them to move from support slots as diverse as You Am I, Calling All Cars and La Dispute this year alone with the utmost of ease.

While it’s difficult for bands in this vein to capture the lightning in a bottle that comes with their live performances, they have come quite close on their second studio album. There’s a progression and a maturity within the songwriting, but it’s quickly ensured that this is not a trade-off for intensity and energy – look no further than rip-snorters like opener, Mausoleum, and the sub-minute scorcher, When I’m Lookin’ In The Mirror. Even the slower moments on offer add a darker layer to the proceedings, providing a striking contrast, as opposed to a screeching halt to the momentum.

If you’re not on board with The Love Junkies by now, Blowing On The Devil’s Strumpet is your chance to rectify this situation.



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