Lookalike DVDfront

Directed by Richard Gray and written by Michele Gray, two accomplished Australian talents, The Lookalike delves into a gritty and intense drug world, where good guy Joe enters the underground drug scene as way to pay off his father’s debts. It is not until Joe is offered his one last job that he seizes the opportunity to make some serious cash, before leaving the dealing life once and for all. The Lookalike stars John Corbett (Sex And The City, My Big Fat Greek Wedding), Jerry O’Connell (Veronica Mars, Scary Movie 5), Justin Long (Die Hard 4, Drag Me To Hell), Gina Gershon (Killer Joe, Face/Off) and Luis Guzmán (We’re The Millers, The Taking Of Pellham 123). We have five DVD copies to give away, email to win!