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The Little Lord Street Band
Where Are We


No one’s done Fleetwood Mac this well since Angel Olsen’s Sister. With their whimsical mix of indie, folk and country music, The Little Lord Street Band have once again whipped up a track brimming with wholesome goodness. Although they have a few EPs in their denim jean pockets, this newest track, Where Are We, is the latest offering from an upcoming debut LP, projected to drop next year. Already on a roll with previous single Frankie’s Back in Town setting the album’s tone in a nostalgia-driven celebration of family and friendship, Where Are We is a reflective look at a staling relationship.

Written and performed by Natasha Shanks during a time when she was experiencing cabin fever after being on the road for five weeks, Where Are We uses her own experiences as inspiration, the song depicting the tension in a struggling relationship: “Do I hold your gaze?/ It’s been too long/ Here I am/ There you are/ Where are we?”.

In the best possible way, the song is reminiscent of quintessential Stevie Nicks (think Sara, Gypsy). But, in true Little Lord Street Band fashion, the harmonies and blend of instruments is what makes the song alluring and familiar. It takes a deft hand to be able to mould vocals, guitar, mandolin, drums and more into a harmonious blend, and convey the contrasting sides of a relationship; and yet we can see it done so beautifully on this track.

As recent nominees (for the fourth consecutive year) of the WAM Award for Best Country Act, The Little Lord Street Band have been steadily performing and producing good music for some time now. The challenge, in some sense, will be whether or not as an independent act they can create a single that will shift perception towards bigger audiences. Whether it’s this or another still to come, it certainly is a promising look at the album to come.


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