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THE LITTLE LORD STREET BAND Heartache Moon gets 7.5/10

The Little Lord Street Band
Heartache Moon


From the second it starts, Heartache Moon has you dancing around in your seat. The second single released by Perth’s The Little Lord Street Band (LLSB) in anticipation of their third EP (out April) it comes hot off their WAM win for Best Country Act in 2017.

It’s beautiful, simple and yet jam-packed with emotions. James Rogers and Natasha Shanks’ vocals perfectly complement the other and when Michael Savage and Belle Harvey join in for the chorus, the song is taken to a new level.

It’s very bluesy and when you are listening, it transports you to a different time and place. While the music itself is upbeat and joyful, the lyrics themselves make you feel conflicted and you can almost imagine the scene as Rogers and Shanks reminisce on what has happened.

This song only serves as a reminder of the talent of all involved and Rogers’ storytelling is, once again, brilliant. The only real issue is that Heartache Moon feels too short (even though it’s actually three minutes long) because you are so caught up in the moment and don’t want it to end.


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